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21 September 2021

Midwives save lives

The COVID-19 pandemic has fast become one of the most important threats to global health, completely changing how we live. The things we all took for granted such as meeting up with family and... Read more

20 September 2021

Babies don’t stop for pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people, communities and economies everywhere and the  global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has largely been a ‘one size fits all,’ centred around extensive... Read more

13 September 2021

Life-long journey towards equality

Having lost both her parents as a teenager, Rupa* was passed around like a ball of burden within her own extended family for many years to follow. Now, at 76 years, she reminisces the period where... Read more

12 August 2021

Dear 18 year old me,

I know where you are right now and this is why I am writing to you. You need to read this. I know you do.  I don’t have any of the big answers that you are looking for but looking back now I wish... Read more

15 July 2021

Youth Skills Camps: Innovative learning on health, wellbeing and dignity

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (15 July 2021): Globally, today’s adolescents and youth are 1.8 billion strong. Representing a quarter of the population in Sri Lanka alone, they are instrumental in shaping social... Read more

13 July 2021
Press Release

World Population Day: Rights and choices are the answer to shifting demographics

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (13 July 2021): On World Population Day (11th July), UNFPA called for leaders to respond to fertility and demographic shifts by prioritizing the sexual and reproductive health and... Read more

8 July 2021
Press Release

Ashanthi’s latest release with UNFPA ‘Nidahase’ to raise funds for women’s shelters

Ashanthi’s latest release with UNFPA ‘Nidahase’ to raise funds for women’s shelters   COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (08 July 2021): ‘Nidahase’, the latest single by Ashanthi de Alwis with UNFPA puts a spotlight... Read more

28 June 2021

Paramount needs fulfilled

Women represent nearly 70 percent of the healthcare workforce globally, yet the sexual and reproductive health and psychosocial needs of frontline workers are largely ignored in the face of the... Read more

12 June 2021

Domestic violence complainants during pandemic related travel restrictions

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COMPLAINANTS DURING PANDEMIC RELATED TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS Statement by the National Forum Against Gender-Based Violence The National Forum Against Gender-Based Violence in Sri Lanka... Read more

8 June 2021
Press Release

UNFPA presents prepositioning relief supplies as a life-saving strategy for women and girls

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (8 June 2021): As the third wave of COVID-19 sweeps across the nation, the monsoon rains and flooding have further exacerbated the risks for women and girls in particular. When an... Read more