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4 June 2021

UNFPA places the needs and care of pregnant mothers and newborns at the centre of its COVID-19response

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (4 June 2021): The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a crucial island-wide need for a separate maternal care unit for mothers who have contracted the virus and isolated units for pregnant mothers and newborns suspected of having contracted the virus. Responding to these needs, the United Nations Population Fund

21 May 2021

Finding the Light

“I didn’t think I’d survive. After all that I had been through, and what he was doing to me, I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t think there was any light left at all.” Kavindi’s* life revolved around her children and husband but life as she knew it crumbled when her husband abandoned her and took the

21 May 2021

Anything but easy

The journey has been anything but easy, yet, perseverance, patience and a resilient spirit have managed to help 20-year-old Irushi reach heights. Despite the odds, Irushi fought her way back up and hopes to help others like her fight against the gross violation of rights that sexual and gender-based violence presents to



UNFPA is the United Nations’ sexual and reproductive health agency. Since UNFPA started...
සතුට සපිරි යහපත් පවුලක් උදෙසා ධනාත්මක සන්නිවේදනය
Violence against women and girls is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in...

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