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10 December 2020

The First Step

This is the story of Kumari Herath, Counsellor, Women in Need   Kumari Herath is a counsellor attached to the Anuradhaura office of Women in Need who has witnessed so much suffering through the women... Read more

10 December 2020

Just show up!

This is the story of Dr. Nisha Fernando, OPD Doctor, Mithuru Piyasa   Previously an OPD doctor, Nisha’s heart was struck with joy when she was asked to get involved in conducting field research for... Read more

8 December 2020

A violence free Sri Lanka

This is the story of Janaki Ranasinghe, Programme Officer, Women's Development Centre   The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a rise in the number of calls made by survivors of domestic violence. With... Read more

7 December 2020

Bringing the shadow pandemic to light

Please…. Relieve us from this hell! These are the pleas from women and girls across the world, trapped in a cycle of violence. Do we hear these voices echoing louder and louder? Saroja’s* is one... Read more

4 December 2020

The pot at the end of a long gravel road

This is the story of Thivya Gunasekaram, Counsellor, Jaffna Social Action Centre   “People often ask me if the 28 kilometers - the 6 hours of daily travel for work - and the stress surrounding... Read more

3 December 2020

Around the clock

This is the story of Nadeesha Amarakoon, Counseling Officer, National Committee on Women   “It was 1 am when I received the call about a woman in hospital, badly beaten and abused by her neighbor.... Read more

2 December 2020

By day and by night

This is the story of Jerina Carim, Coordinator, Development Centre   “Despite being a counsellor for the past 18 long years, I still silently grieve for every single woman and child I counsel, who to... Read more

1 December 2020

Through it all

This is the story of Shanthamary, Counsellor, Jaffna Social Action Centre.     “I was in a dark place when my mother passed away and I wasn’t sure how to bring myself out of it. A year later the... Read more

30 November 2020

More than a call

This is the story of Anoja Maakawita, Counsellor-Coordinator, Women in Need      “Marriage is like a cricket match – a partnership. When a player is bowled out, he walks off the field gracefully... Read more

25 November 2020

Beyond Postbox Services

This is the story of Manel Jayamanna, Executive Director, NCW     “The problem is that whilst the 1938 helpline was operational during office hours, domestic violence starts after office hours”  ... Read more