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UNFPA/LKA/RFP/21/001: Provision of nation-wide Social Behaviour Change Communications Campaign on Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Choices to Colombo, Sri Lanka

This Bidding process is open to all legally-constituted companies that can provide the requested services and have legal capacity to deliver/perform in the country, or through an authorized representative.

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Answers to Questions received

01. Page No 23/ Scope of Work > Content Creation - Pointer No 6. 'Development of digital and multimedia content (scripts, production) that require animation or human elements in the form of videos, images, animated captions, stories, GIFs etc. (A minimum of 3 videos in 3 languages and 10 digital and multimedia assets - gifs, stills etc)'. Does the underlined deliverable above expect an output of 9 number of videos (3 videos per language) or 3 number of videos each in S/T/E?
UNFPA requires a minimum of 09 videos (3 videos from each language) for Digital Media

02. Page No 23/ Scope of Work >  Content Creation  for Mainstream Media - 03x 15 -20 seconds TV commercials in S,T,E ; Does this mean each commercial goes out in all three languages totalling to 09 TV commercials or are there only three commercials (one in each language)?
UNFPA requires 03 TVCs (01 from each language) for Mass Media 

03. Page No 36/ Section VI - Bidder Identification Form - 1. Organizational Information > Production capacity - Would UNFPA be able to elaborate further on the expected information under 'production capacity'?

UNFPA would like to know if the organization have adequate technical, creative staff and equipment to carry out the creation, filming, editing and publishing of content of the media campaign

04. Page No 20 - 21/ Section II- Terms of Reference - The TOR refers to allegations, myths and misconceptions about family planning that have been popularised on social media; would UNFPA be able to explicitly state what these allegations were?
Myths and misconceptions related to SRH specifically Family Planning are common and sensitive in Sri Lanka. Further details and in-depth discussion about Family Planning, its services and related myths and misconceptions will be conducted during the pre-bid meeting. 
05. Page No.27 - Section II - Instructions for preparing technical bid - 09. Can you give us an example of a task which is out-of-scope versus in-scope
Please refer to the following examples, 
While designing, creating and developing appropriate digital communication content, including but not limited to imagery and video and other creative forms of content, suited for each digital communication channel/platform (i.e. website, SM channels, etc.) and target audiences, aligned with the SRHR principles in Sinhala, Tamil and English (E,S,T) is considered as an in-scope task. Possessing technical knowledge on the concepts and information about SRH, particularly Family Planning and relevant subject areas can be considered as an out-of-scope task.
06. Other - Would UNFPA be able to share any quantifiable results achieved by the PROMISES project thus far, as well as any specific future goals?

The overall project goal of PROMISES is to contribute to reconciliation and sustained peace in line with UNSCR 1325 and 2250 through increased access to justice, choice, and wellbeing of women and
young people in Sri Lanka. From the media, campaign PROMISES aims to reach 12.6 million people. 

Following are some key quantifiable results achieved by PROMISES, 
251 individuals in 60 CSO and Youth-led organizations were sensitized on SRH 
270 Ministry of Youth Affairs training instructors trained through the online ToT program on Adolescents and Youth Health 

100 Health Care workers and Police Officers Trained  through the Women and Youth Friendly Health Services orientation programmes
70  Women and Youth Friendly Health Centres were strengthened with infrastructure facilities
6 Selected Safe Shelters were capacitated with infrastructure, knowledge and skills development.