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12 September 2019

Long-Term Care for Elderly Women in Sri Lanka – An Urgent Need

UNFPA joins the SilverAge Conference for a panel discussion on ‘Feminization of ageing in Sri Lanka, and its impact on Long-Term Care’ with local and international experts

13 August 2019

Ministry of Health and UNFPA launches Strategic Plan for the Well Woman Programme in Sri Lanka

Cervical cancer is the third most common type of cancer among women in Sri Lanka. It is a significant reproductive health problem, and estimates for 2018 alone shows that around 1,136 new cases of cervical cancer are...

27 July 2019

Unplanned pregnancies must be addressed

In Sri Lanka, about 360,000 women become pregnant every year. One out of three of these pregnancies are estimated to be unplanned pregnancies. When a pregnancy is unplanned or unintended, it can be detrimental to the...


Understanding the role of youth in preventing violent extremism, the United Nations...
The Well Woman Programme - National Strategic Plan (2019-2023) aims to ensure by 2023,...

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