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UNFPA Sri Lanka’s Response to the Economic Crisis

Sri Lanka is experiencing its worst socio-economic crisis in decades. Months of acute shortages of essentials such as food, medicines, fuel, cooking gas, and access to basic services have resulted in a complex humanitarian situation severely affecting its people across the island nation. 

This emergency severely affects the life-saving delivery of sexual and reproductive health information and services, including maternal health and family planning, as well as the protection mechanisms for survivors of gender-based violence—further marginalizing women and girls.

UNFPA on the Ground

As the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency, UNFPA is on the ground working to meet the critical health and protection needs of the most vulnerable women and girls. We hope to reach over 2 million women, girls, and other vulnerable groups across 15 of the most affected districts in Sri Lanka to ensure life-saving health and protection needs are met.

  • We’re ensuring pregnant women receive the health supplies they need for a safe pregnancy and childbirth.
  • We’re keeping shelters open with expanded services, so more survivors of violence have a safe space with access to quality services.
  • We're providing life-saving medication for women and young people. 

UNFPA is working to reach over 2 million of the most vulnerable women, girls, young people and persons with disabilities during this socio-economic crisis. 

We require a little over 9 million USD to ensure our life-saving support reaches the most vulnerable across Sri Lanka.

Here’s our plan of action.

Financial Requirements