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This document has been created after realizing the critical role language plays in shaping belief and influencing behaviour of
people. The terminology guidelines intended to provide guidance towards using uniform, correct, gender-sensitive, nondiscriminatory
and culturally-appropriate language that promotes universal human rights. This Guide is an evolving document and will be updated
regularly to include new terms or revise existing ones as and when required. The concept of designing the terminology guide was initiated by
the members of Youth Technical Advisory Committee (YTAC) of Family Planning Association Sri Lanka (FPASL) in 2008. Challenges
they faced in securing resources and finding technical expertise temporarily halted the initiative in moving forward. However, in
2013 YTAC was able to build on this foundation laid by the past YTAC members and started working towards making this glossary
a reality. They partnered with Y PEER Sri Lanka, a youth advocacy network on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR),
and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) ensuring technical expertise and resources for the initiative.