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Population dynamics including the slowed down growth of the population but with an unexpected increase of fertility with significant transformations in age structures
associated with youth bulges as well as population ageing and considerable changes in migration and urbanization. These emerging population trends shape and are shaped by public policy in the form of policies and related programmes (employment creation, poverty alleviation social protection and pensions, health, education, housing, sanitation, water, food and energy, migration and urbanization) that are being used to balance population change, economic growth, social transformation and environmental sustainability.
However, the accomplishment and sustainability of development strategies require countries to pro-actively address and not just simply respond to varying population dynamics.
Demography alone cannot be regarded as destiny but it is very much essential that Sri Lanka understands about the changing nature of population dynamics over the next decades, and whether they become developmental challenges or help facilitate their resolution. Most importantly, all these depend on whether effective policies are employed which are necessarily rights-based, evidence informed and gender-responsive.