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Compendium on Law, Gender-based Violence and Reproductive Rights

This Compendium on law, Gender Based Violence and Reproductive Rights seeks to put together the sources and provide information on the Constitutional Provisions, legislation, regulations, jurisprudence (major cases) that apply in this important area of public concern. It also introduces the aspects of International law and policy that should guide and influence responses to gender based violence and reproductive rights. The Compendium clarifies the main principles on criminal and civil procedures applicable in litigation in the courts, and has a section on mechanisms for human rights protection. A separate section on gaps in law, policy and procedures and recommendations for a holistic response has been included. 

Sri Lanka has a significant number of laws, institutions and policies that can provide and initiate effective responses to gender based violence. These responses have not in general focused on the connection between the two areas of gender based violence, and reproductive rights and health, which are both important for the wellbeing of families and the people of the country. There is often duplication of responses on gender based violence or lack of awareness of laws and procedures leading to problems of implementation of even those initiatives that are in place. The interface with the important area of reproductive rights is also not clear to persons involved in law enforcement or law reform and policy formulation. It is hoped that the Compendium will fulfill a need by providing an accessible source of information that can impact on law, policy and programming on gender based violence and reproductive health.