Census of Population and Housing 2012 Key Findings

No. of pages: 90

Publication date: 12 December 2014

Author: UNFPA

Department of Census and Statistics provides accurate statistics for decision making and policy planning. Decennial Population and Housing Census play a vital role in this regard. The 14th Census of Population and Housing which was conducted in 2012 was a great achieve-ment for all Sri Lankans as it covered the entire country after 31 years. Population and Housing Census results disseminate in stages and the latest information are released in the official website of the Department of Census and Statistics. Publications are available at the sales counter of the Department.This publication was released in parallel to the seminar on Key Findings of Population and 
Housing Census 2012 conduct in December 2014. This publication provides a comprehensive analysis of selected important topics with several Demographic Indicators. The publication was prepared by the staff of the Population Census and Demography Division of the Depart-ment of Census and Statistics and experts on the field of Demography. Conducting a Population and Housing Census is a complex activity which spends large human resources and cost. Therefore it is the responsibility of all data users to utilize the Census in-formation for better planning and uplift the lives of Sri Lankans.