UNFPA Joins Hands with the National Planning Department

28 November 2016

Colombo, 26 November 2016: Understanding current population trends and demographic dynamics is central to development planning; along with the leadership abilities to confidently make informed decisions.

Upon invitation by the National Planning Department, UNFPA Country Representative, Mr. Alain Sibenelar, delivered a training session to the Department’s staff members on Sri Lanka’s population dynamics, coupled with a training session on leadership and couching.

The session on Demographic Dynamics covered Sri Lanka’s age-sex structure and projected changes, the demographic dividend in Sri Lanka, investing in youth and women, and ageing patterns and planning for the future – key indicators that are pivotal to national planning.

The second phase of the training focused on leadership and coaching. The session looked into systems such as culture and religion and how they can impact the way in which decisions are made, and at emotional intelligence, adaptability, and perception.

Where do you want Sri Lanka to be? With good leadership, you can get there. But first, you need to be aware that it starts with you. We shouldn’t be complacent; we shouldn’t be comfortable. We need to take the lead, and lead confidently”, said Mr. Sibenaler, as he concluded his session.

The one-day training workshop commenced with training sessions conducted by the Director of the National Productivity Secretariat, followed by the sessions by the UNFPA Country Representative.

On behalf of the National Planning Department, I thank UNFPA for their support in conducting this workshop. I invite UNFPA’s Country Representative to continue working closely with the National Planning Department, especially as a facilitator in our workshops to enhance capacity of our staff” said Mr. S. S. Mudalige, Director-General of the National Planning Department.

The workshop was attended by over 30 staff members of the National Planning Department.