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Youth and Social Cohesion Project

In Sri Lanka, UNFPA works with the government and other partners to further, equitable enjoyment of sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights by all Sri Lankans, particularly among vulnerable women and young people, and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) agenda.

Within this framework, working in partnership with Government and other local stakeholders, UNFPA seeks to promote horizontal social cohesion by creating opportunities for young people to participate in national development and peacebuilding processes with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights.

The Youth and Social Cohesion project, under the framework of the Joint Programme for Peace (JPP), aims to strengthen social cohesion through engagement with youth, and create an enabling environment through advocacy, policy dialogue, and empowerment so that young people can act on their sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, including by:

(a) capacity development of youth organizations to participate meaningfully in policy dialogue and peacebuilding;

(b) advocacy and support to the participatory development and monitoring processes of national and subnational youth policies; and

(c) the roll-out of comprehensive, gender-responsive reproductive health education